Here we would like to introduce you people who aren't really members of the congregation of Daughters of Saint Augustine but work alongside with sisters and help them a lot in our apostolate.

Ms. Shirley Villafuerte Vibares
FACE-TESDA coordinator; member auxiliaries of the apostolate
Shirley is one of main and oldest friends of our religious congregation. She tries to explore all the possibilities about hoe the TESDA courses which can be offered to the wards of Fatima Center and trying to help with vocational courses run by our congregation.
She also works as volunteer in the formation and special training of the orphans and abandoned children at Fatima Center for Human Development.
Because of help of ms. Shirley some of our wards could finish courses of massage therapy, auto-diesel mechanics and electronics.

Mr. Arnold S. Uvero
FACE-TESDA assist. Coordinator

Mr. Uvero is one of most valuable friends of our community who is working with our congregation for so many years. He is the one who supervising the implementation of the job training and vocational courses run with help of our congregation and the study process of the students who enrolled in those development programs.
Arnold is also an excellent driver therefore he is in charge of bringing our friend and guests in different parts of the Philippines. If you are driving with him you can be sure you will reach fast and safe your destination place.

Ms. Lilibeth C. Uvero

Ms. Uvero is collaborating with our congregation since1990s. At the moment she is working as a secretary registrar in our school office and is in charge of communication and keeping school records and accepting new enrollees.
If you will try to contact us know that Lilibet will be the one who answer your letters.

Ms. Soledad Vargas
School directress

One of the main tasks of ms. Vargas is to overall schools operation. She is the member of the board of trusties and being the school director she provides the board with information about the implementation of policies and recommends additional concerns for the school.
She is also helping to run our school with some other important tasks as presenting budget, salary increase of teachers and the arranging the load of teachers and other school personnel. She represents the school in many official events and supervises teachers' trainings.

Ms. Vilma Esplana
School principal

Ms. Vilma is the principal of our Fatima Integrated farm school. She is the one who is supervises all different school activities and checks lesson plans.
The implementation of our school of our pupils will study and develop their abilities depends of our active and hard-working principal.

Mr. Maria Ervie L. Mahilom

Ms. Ervie is our bookkeeper who is taking care about school and center's financial operations. She is the one who is taking care about our official records and making sure that even a single centavo won't be lost or will go unattended

Ms. Melanie Antonio
Guidance counselor

Ms. Melanie who is voluntarily works in our center and whom our kids calling her "Ate Mini" comply with her position as a counselor. She is the real consolation to the many kids, teachers or our guests who are coming to her with their numerous problems.
Her work is very significant and important for us because many of the kids who are referred to us with various psychological problems.

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